Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Great things about Erik

I had a group of kids a couple of years ago, that as a group, was very negative.
Most of the students had a very low self-esteem and negative comments flew across the room constantly not only at each other but usually toward themselves.

As a staff, we tried our best to shower them with positivity. It's so easy, as a teacher of kids with Asperger's syndrome(or any kids), to focus on the correcting the negative, rather than encouraging the positive. And boy did these guys need it.

It really got to a point where I felt that they needed to a constant reminder of things that were special about them, so I made a list and stuck to each of their desks with velcro.  

I have continued doing this since then and I just finished creating this year's group of encouragement cards.  I think it really made a difference for them to have a reminder that they ARE great kids and DO have many things about them that are unique and wonderful.

Are there ways that you can tangibly encourage the kids in your life this week?  (They don't know that you think these things unless you tell them. Right?)


  1. love this idea, thanks for sharing! (really nice blog and pictures you have by the way :))

  2. What a great thing for the kids!