Saturday, August 14, 2010

A New Painting Project

Brian and I have an unhealthy addiction to moleskins.  They are expensive and probably indulgent. But we just love them and won't journal in anything else. I know, we're journal snobs. 

You can only imagine our delight when we stumbled upon huge moleskins full of watercolor paper during our jaunt in Maine this week.  You should have seen Brian's face light up and we both got all kinds of giddy.  Before we knew it we had purchased the coveted notebooks, some pencils and erasers, along with "his" and "hers" watercolor sets and brushes.  Clutching our moleskins tight, we quickly dreamed a plan.
The plan is this: 

We will paint together at least once a week. 

We will paint the same still life or landscape and compare and contrast our perspectives and style with each new painting. 

We will fill our 60 page book with these studies and experiments and see what we learn.  

Although I'm "the artist" in the family, Brian is an exceptionally creative person whose creative outlet is usually in writing, poetry and music. I'm excited to share some of my painting skills with him, and I know I'll gain some new artistic vision from my talented husband.

Stay tuned. We may just share some of our dueling art with you...

The supplies.

Our Cotman watercolor set.

Working on his first watercolor.

We took our supplies to the island.



  1. What a great idea! I hope you share some of the finished results!

  2. that is exactly what my first born asked for, for her Birthday. I really hoping that the grandparents understood and didn't get her a book full of images to color (although if that did happen I'm sure she would still be pleased) she loves to make something out of a blank piece of paper. This girl is just turning 3 and I can tell there is creativity poring out of her in every aspect of her life. Really awesome to see.

    as far as family painting... sounds amazing. I've thought of having family art nights... but to me painting/drawing is such a private thing it's hard for me to do it with others around. I"m thinking it's worth a shot, though. good idea :o)

  3. Thanks ladies!
    Traci - yup, fun and relaxing is exactly what it is!

    Melissa - I'll definitely share soon!

    Brittney- oh I hope your daughter gets a lovely sketch book! Start them early. :) I would definitely encourage family art nights, you could plan something to do altogether or just put out lots of materials and see what happens! Let me know if you do it! Love and prayers...