Thursday, May 20, 2010

Preparation: A New Journal

I've journaled on and off since 5th grade. I always have at least one or two working journals around and they are continually being filled with lists, drawings, plans, blessings, gratitudes and prayers. 

I have always loved adding color and character to my journals, whether it be by stamps, stickers, drawings or paintings (depending on my age or current fancy). For my last few journals, I've bought simple brown moleskins and added pictures from old Martha Stewart magazines (she always has the best simple-beauty pictures, in my opinion).  This most recent idea came from inspiration from this lovely lady, her journals and her thoughts on journaling.  

This collage idea is quick and simple and makes journaling especially enjoyable for us beauty seekers.  So last night I hunkered down with my fresh moleskin, old magazines and trusty glue stick and filled each new page with loveliness of all kinds: flowers, skies, gardens, pots, porches, picnics, umbrellas, birds and nests... joyful preparation for the thoughts, ideas and art to come. 

"The Art of Life Deserves a Frame" : If I remember right, this quote was on Ann's blog, as well.  I've been putting this at the beginning of my journals recently...
Some filled-in pages from an old journal:


  1. Oh how I love your blog. I think I could stay here all day--And wish I could! I'll be back to do some more poking. Your journal is beautiful.

  2. I too love to journal and have added clippings but not many colored photographs. will try that. Thanks. you have a lovely blog!