Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sea Kettle Studios - Fashion Edition

I finally got my act together and bought some art aprons to have on hand for my private painting lessons that I teach here at home in Sea Kettle. I've been telling my poor students that I'd get these for the longest time. Hopefully this will end the many clothing casualties we've been having!

I found these plain canvas aprons on sale at A.C. Moore for a few dollars, and I used some black fabric paint to give them a little character.

Check out how fashionable we are here in Sea Kettle Studios...  :)

Next time you see catch a glimpse of these, hopefully they'll be covered in paint of every shade and color...


  1. These look great, Kerrie! That should be fun for your students :)

  2. Love the whistling kettle!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I can't wait to put them into use!