Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Sweet Blessing on Mother's Day

I lost a baby at 11 weeks almost 3 years ago.  Those precious few weeks of motherhood were joyful and scary and incredibly wonderful.  Brian and I loved that tiny baby more than we ever could have imagined.  The day I knew the baby had died, was one of the worst I've experienced.  A good friend who has gone through this more than once said it best, "I feel like my body is a graveyard." I felt it. Emptiness and death. 

I feel healed in many ways, but I'll never forget the sweet time we spent loving that little unseen child. I often mistakenly assume that I will be the only one who will keep this memory...

I'm so thankful for those few people in my life who continue to remember this short life with me...

I was incredibly blessed this Mother's Day by a card from a dear friend. Just saying that she was thinking of me this weekend and was remembering our "Sweet Baby James". 

 Man, that meant the world to me.  

Thanks, friend.

(And then this act of love gets me thinking... how can I reach out to bless someone today in an unexpected yet beautifully thoughtful way?)


  1. what a precious friend, how blessed you are, friends who remember the sharpest moments along with the most joyful.
    Happy, joyful, peaceful days ahead to you-