Monday, May 3, 2010


Thankful today, for....

432. a nice long talk about trains and college with a friend with Autism
433. spring weather, leaves on the trees
434. the thriving garden
435. maple gifts from Canada
436. Brian coming home from chaperoning 8th graders in Quebec
437. friends that keep me company when Brian is gone
438. good long chats on ocean walls
439. seeing the sunrise each morning over the water
440. new Sandra McCracken album (thanks for the heads up, Lianna and Kristin!)
441. Dad smiling, even in terrible pain...and no more treatments! 
442. The sweetest thank you note, I've ever received
443. "Stop and Swap" pants
444. reunions
445. after church questions and discussions
446. knitting help and breakthroughs
447. plant gifts
448. my husband in shorts and a pink shirt, praising God.
449. potlucks
450. night church

holy experience


  1. very sweet blog, makes me want to visit you!

  2. I love you listing after church discussions. Most of the time those are our best talks. Beautiful list.