Monday, May 10, 2010

Blessings on Monday in May

451. Moms and Moms-in-law
452. surprise birthday and fireside chats and a shirley temple
453. salty air through the bedroom window
454. unexpected church nursery date with a friend and an unexpected Mother's Day note
455. tickets to Calgary for a Scottish/Yemeni wedding extravaganza (looking forward to seeing my Yemen girls!)
456. night time strumming
457. trading clothes with my sisters
458. relief from a long and painful headache
459.  crashing spring thunderstorms
460. seeing my cousin off to prom
461. sweet time with my Moms and Grandmothers
462. kind and thoughtful email
463. frozen chocolate pies
464. ruffles
465. peace at work
466. a beautiful farm, good meeting and preparation for shooting my first wedding
467. more plant gifts
468. Grandma's knitting tips
469. our "hug" pact
470. Dad, talking more and eating little bits of yogurt...he's on the mend!

Me, in the womb.

holy experience


  1. So glad to read your Dad is on the mend! Love the picture of you (sight unseen) with your Mom and Dad. How special to have that photo.

  2. a Scottish Yemeni wedding In Calgary? That sounds like FUN!

  3. Glad for #470; will keep praying