Monday, May 17, 2010

Blessings this week...

A long list today.  Lots of blessings but I also really wanted to make 500! :)

471. my space heater on the last cool days of spring
472. a new trellis and shared plants in the garden 
473. walks around Salem at night
474. Captain Dusty's Ice Cream
475. knitting outside while my students roll down the hill
476. foot rubs
477. cold glasses of water
478. small group prayers
479. My morning and nightly tea (Mighty Leaf Citrus Chamomile)
480. a change in plans
481. a new dishwasher (and $250 government rebate!)
482. blankets
483. heath bar fro-yo
484. a visit from a former resident of Sea Kettle
485. check-in texts
486. the weather
487. new garden curves
488. Sunday afternoon with my in-laws and dishwasher installation help
489. a day to rest 
490. tender newlywed moments...
491. barns, hay bails, chickens, cows, blowing veils...
492. ...a beautiful farm wedding and successful photography
493. talented and helpful photo-friend and sister-in-law
494. running into Salem friends around the neighborhood
495. old familiar stories
496. softball (fan) season
497. early morning best friend phone calls 
498. unexpected energy
499. my talkative Dad, talking again!
500. seeing a beautiful sister off to prom #1 (this year)...

holy experience


  1. Captain Dusty's!!!!!!!
    And I love the dress she choose!

  2. Thanks! Isn't it beautiful?! This is like her 10th prom, and she still has her senior one to go to, so she just borrowed one from a friend. It fit her perfectly, though!

  3. Not only is the dress beautiful...the young lady is too!! What is Captain Dusty's? Great list.

  4. Thanks Mary. :) Captain Dusty's is a great homemade ice cream place around here. SO GOOD. We can walk to one from our's going to be a great summer! :)