Sunday, August 22, 2010

Grace Active


Grace Active
O God, may Thy Spirit speak in me that I may speak to Thee. 
I Lord Jesus, great high priest, 
Thou hast opened a new and living way 
by which a fallen creature can approach Thee with acceptance.

Help me to contemplate the dignity of Thy Person,
the perfectness of Thy sacrifice, 
the effectiveness of Thy intercession.
O what blessedness accompanies devotion, 
when under all the trials that weary me, 
the cares that corrode me, 
the fears that disturb me,
the infirmities that oppress me, 
I can come to Thee in my need and feel peace beyond understanding!

The grace that restores is necessary to preserve, lead, guard, supply, help me.  
And here Thy saints encourage my hope;
they were once poor and are now rich, 
bound and are now free, 
tried and now are victorious.

Every new duty calls for more grace than I now possess, 
but not more than is found in Thee, 
the divine treasury in whom all fullness dwells.  
To Thee I repair for grace upon grace, 
until every void made by sin be replenished and I am filled with all Thy fullness.

May my desires be enlarged and my hopes emboldened, 
that I may honour Thee by my entire dependency and the greatness of my expectation.
Do Thou be with me,
and prepare me for all the smiles of prosperity, 
the frowns of adversity, 
the losses of substance, 
the death of friends, 
the days of darkness, 
the changes of life, 
and the last great change of all. 

May I find thy grace sufficient for all my needs.


  1. This is one of my favorite VOV prayers!

    I linked over to you from Kit's comments last week (she's a great friend from seminary days). I have to say, I have loved visiting here lately. So beautiful and refreshing. Ten years ago I was 26 living on the lovely North Shore with my student husband, working full time in design and painting whenever I could, spending weekends hiking and exploring the mountains and coast of New England... and praying through a painful and complicated miscarriage. It was an amazing time in our lives, full of so many sweet memories. I'm not sure why I am sharing all this... just wanted to say thanks for this beautiful place. And I will praying for you as you desire to grow your family.

    God Bless,

  2. Thank you so much for your note, Jennifer. Sounds like we traveled a similar path! I really appreciate your kind words and I also enjoy visiting your blog. Keep in touch! :)