Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bouquets of Grace...

I received a sweet note from a friend who has continually encouraged me during the past few weeks.  She directed me toward this blog post, which was just what my heart needed on that particular day.  (I'd encourage you to read it too...)

Friends, I am here in the "shadowed place"...
but I am finding "bouquets of grace". 

Praise God.

* * * 
The day before I received her note, Brian and I were on our way back home from our camping trip in Maine. We stopped to gather Queen Anne's lace from the sides of these rocky country roads and made a small bouquet to take home with us. Such a timely and beautiful reminder of the other "bouquets of grace" I've been receiving. 

(just look at those 
from where I gathered my bouquet!) 

My "bouquet of grace"

Thanks, KG. You have long been one of my bouquets of grace.


  1. Hi Kerrie,

    I'm coming over from Emily's place -- lovely to meet you here! Just wanted to say hello -- I'm originally from MA (live in Nebraska now), so I think your house is totally cool!

    Lovely pics of Queen Anne's Lace, too -- such a humble flower, but beautiful in its simplicity.

  2. The rock and the hard place part...love it! This is so perfect, and what a sweet reminder of grace. Thanks for linking up today!