Thursday, August 19, 2010

Monhegan Island

I was so incredibly enchanted by this place. 

The village was quaint and rustic, no paved roads and no cars. Small seaside cottages lined the streets, flanked by bright flower gardens. The hiking trails were beautiful, filled with secrets and opening up to large ocean vistas. There is an artist colony on Monhegan and painters were set up throughout the rocks and meadows... 

As promised, here is our photo-log of the beautiful 
Monhegan Island, Maine.

A few shots taken leaving Port Clyde and starting out on our way to the island...

The "Misty Mae" (this is for you, Katie and Kimmie! Is this lobsterman a volleyball fan?)

Bri, reading Anna Karenina on the "Elizabeth Ann"

Me, trying to stay warm.

There were so many little seaside houses hidden away looking out onto the ocean...

The Island...

On the wharf.

Lobster traps and the Atlantic.

Quaint little roads meant for walking.


Hiking trails. (there were some surprises hidden in these woods..I'll share these another day)

We hiked to the other side of the island and came upon the most gorgeous view!

We enjoyed the view, then set to work on our watercolor paintings.

Then we hiked to the island lighthouse.

Looking down on the village from the lighthouse.

Back in the village.

Island ropes.

Waiting for the boat to bring us back to the mainland (or "MAINE-land, haha)

Till we meet again, fair isle...


  1. Your photos could be postcards~

  2. ahhhh! I want to go there now...before summer ends! so so gorgeous. I'm glad you brought your art supplies.

  3. Thanks ladies. Kit, you must go there! It is such an amazing place, your family would love it!

  4. was the 'maine'-land boothbay harbor? because that's where we live! let us know next time you want to visit monhegan, and you can stay with us! :)

  5. oh, I didn't realize that you were so close! We were staying in Camden...but just ADORED this island! Have you taken the boys (and girl!) there yet to make fairy houses in Cathedral forest??

  6. we are always so busy in the summer with the family coffee shop and visiting friends and family, that i actually haven't gone out there since i was in high school. every year i tell logan i want to take him...we'll have to make it a priority this year!