Thursday, February 28, 2013

drum roll please...

tiny works of art. original and wearable.

An original painting. Not a print, not a copy, but the true touch of the artist. We are proud to hang original work in our houses, because every color, line, and texture represents the creative eye and hand of an actual human being.

Kerrie James is an artist who highly values original work, and has found a way for art-lovers to carry it with them everywhere. Her painting pendants are meticulously hand-painted, and exhibit her eye for New England landscapes. Each painting is framed in a way that displays the work with clarity and graces the person who wears it.

(that lovely description was written by my very own Brian James)


That's right folks. An etsy shop. Of my very own. 

A little backstory; I came up with the idea of creating tiny paintings of special places and making them into necklaces for my Moms, sisters and friends for Christmas. I made about 10 of these necklaces and really loved the process of painting these tiny works of art.  The recipients kept coming back to me saying how many comments they get on their one-of-a-kind pendants, so I started to think there might be something there. Thus, an etsy shop.

I am offering many pre-painted pendants, mostly of places in New England that I've photographed or sketched; I will also be taking custom orders. Have a special place that you'd like painted? Let's talk!

I guess I'm considering this my "soft" opening.  I'll see how things go for a few months and if I'm still enjoying myself and people are still interested, I'll try to vamp things up for the summer.

So go take a look around!