Tuesday, February 5, 2013

to remember - 18 months

Dear Levi,

There are so many things I want to remember about (almost) 18 month old you.

Like how friendly and out-going you are and your constant joyful energy. The way you love the older kids and follow them around giggling happily, trying to imitate everything they do. How you stop and dance whenever you hear music and how you sing when you play the piano or before you go to bed.  The way you get tickled when we pray and try your best to close your eyes and bow your head, the way you snuggle in bed with us every morning and insist on having a hand on both of us.  How you started calling your Papa "Paaaapy!" and how you giggle uncontrollably and run around the house not knowing what to do with yourself when he comes home. How you happily and easily go to and from your various care-givers and how you like to walk on my feet. The way you try your best to do what the adults are doing and how you try to insert yourself into adult social situations (nodding your head at the appropriate times and giving your two-cents) How when you cuddle you nestle in my neck or gently pat my head. Like how when I ask you "what are we doing tomorrow?" you always happily reply "church"! How you jog around the house pumping your arms up and down like a chicken. How you make the funniest expressions and have a great sense of humor - how you are so clearly your father's son. I love your sweet voice, your warm hugs, your sloppy kisses. Every bit of you.

Love you baby boy (I can't call you that much longer, now can I?)