Monday, February 18, 2013


"Rest and be thankful."
- H. W. Longfellow
Thankful for,

- February vacation and more time to rest and be thankful
- Levi pointing out some letters
- a first ash Wednesday service
- safety for Levi after a scary fall
- a sweet Valentine's date; dinner at Finz, presents by the ocean, Nana and Grandpa's fabulous babysitting service
- finished and beautiful high school still lifes
- Levi in his valentine hat from the PEM
- a Shakespearean/Jamesean love sonnet
- new word/images for our home
- Jon and Sarah over for dinner and another night out.
- a friendly and helpful janitor at school
- when kitty comes to snuggle as soon as the baby goes down
 - a long and lazy Sunday
- waking up to another snow-laden Salem (and some blizzardly photos on the way to church)