Monday, February 11, 2013

Thanks - blizzard of '13 edition

Giving thanks,

-for safety, electricity, a nice warm Sea Kettle to be being stuck in for a couple of days.
- Brian grilling steaks in the middle of a blizzard
- a snowy walk to church with Levi, Ariel and Elsie; the beauty of a snow-laden Salem
- time to paint
- helpful advice
- 2 strong men to shovel us out
- a healthy dose of painterly chaos with kindergarten and 1st grade
- a fun night at the "servathon" kick-off night at New Hope
- pumpkin bread spread thick with honey apple butter
- a McKenna family party celebrating the (almost) end of Dad's treatments 
- visiting with some old friends
- Levi's charms
- skyping with Kimmie; Levi and Kimmie playing a form of "simon says"
- only a week 'til February vacation