Friday, February 8, 2013

snow days

Apparently there's snow a'comin our way. Like, a lot of snow. So much snow that pretty much everything is called off and Gov. Patrick says to stay inside.  Done, Govenor. You don't have to ask us twice. 

Before we were married and we were both in college studying to become teachers, we used to dream of days like this. SNOW DAYS. We'd dream of what we'd do on these unexpected days off when you really just had to stay inside and you surely didn't need to get anything done, since you were supposed to be at work anyway. A freebie. A mini stay-cation. Through the years we've definitely tried to make the best of these days and we're still living the dream today. A baby makes it all the better; sure, we don't sleep in until noon, but getting up at 5:30 just makes the snow day longer, right? (at least that's what we try to tell ourselves!)

On the snow day(s) docket:

- early morning cuddles in Mama and Papa's bed, as long as we want or until the baby escapes (check!)
- big waffle breakfasts
- hot chocolate
- hanging and playing with Uncle Chris, who's riding out the storm with us here in the kettle
- mid-blizzard snow walk down to the wharf, possible probable snow fight
- lots of blankets, maybe an episode of "Curious George"
- lots of books
- look out the window, listen to Levi exclaim "snow! snow! snow!" over and over again
- fuzzy socks, cozy pants, hoodies
- pumpkin bread
- me, painting; Brian, guitar noodling
- a possible neighborhood highrockers get-together

..time to get to it!

Stay warm, safe and seize the (snow) day, friends!