Wednesday, February 27, 2013

awake and asleep

This summer I painted my bedroom yellow and got inspired to totally redecorate. "Light, simple and airy" were the words I used, I believe. Who am I kidding? I don't think I own anything light and airy. Warm, deep, layered and cozy seems to be more my style.  I tried to live with the white duvet cover and keep everything modern and streamlined, but my affection for warmth (and the color RED) kept seeping in and eventually I gave in. Luckily, my sunny yellow paint goes just as well with red and maroons as with lights and whites.  I replaced the white duvet with my beloved warm Indian cloth and back went my mismatched red/maroon pillows. All of this to say, things have been in decorating limbo for a while, but I think I'm almost happy with where we're at.

Art for this room has always been a struggle for me, I've switched out pieces on either side of our bed at least 4 times. I was recently inspired and I think I've finally found some keepers. I love the prayer (from the Book of Common Prayer) that my sister and brother in law asked me to paint for their bedroom, so I created two images using those words and the same technique I used for Brian's valentine.

I chose a couple of abstract photos I took of light reflecting in the Detroit River, changed the image to black and white, added text in photoshop, then got my images printed at staples ("engineering print", 18x24, $1.79 each!).
The best part? I find myself reading the prayer whenever I enter the room and it's words are often on my mind as I fall asleep.

I'm totally getting addicted to these engineering prints. I do have one more frame to fill... :)