Tuesday, July 24, 2012

yellow paint, blank slate

I've had quite the redecorating bug lately. Which is kind of funny because I don't usually redecorate.

I like that the stuff in our house feels like it has always been there...just an extension of our life, our art and our esthetic.  It's filled with old things, things we love, things we make,  memories we cherish and some precious (not monetarily!) heirlooms. Everything has a story. I don't ever just redecorate something "just because". And I never have a plan. It just happens. Which is just how I like it. Organic, real, lived-in.

But lately, I've been a bit disenchanted with our bedroom. It's a wonderfully cozy little room, tucked away on the third floor with slanted walls and just one little window.  When we moved in to Sea Kettle, it was painted periwinkle blue. Which was fine, but I wasn't really inspired to do anything interesting up there; it ended up feeling rather cold and dark. And unfortunately, this room ends up being a catch-all room for stuff I don't know what to do with or loads of laundry that hasn't been cleaned or folded. So it was busy, mismatched (in a bad way) and haphazard...and we're looking more for cozy, calming, romantic, retreat. Summer time = intervention time.  

(this is an old picture. 
things got worse, much worse post-baby..
I just forgot to take a picture of it!)

After some plans fell through on Saturday, I found myself with some unexpected free time. With Brian's encouragement (cause I'd been talking about doing this FOREVER), I bought a gallon of a light sunny yellow paint and went to work covering the cold blue with some warmth and light (while Brian and baby took a nice loooong walk). And about 3 episodes of "Fresh Air" later...

The new color has totally changed the feel of the room. It actually feels sunny, even though it's definitely NOT. A couple of new lamps, a little bamboo rug ($12!) and a new white coverlet and things are definitely looking up. Clean, cozy, bright and fresh. yes.

Even though we want to keep things pretty simple up here, there are still a few things on our bedroom-transformation to do list, such as: 

- a few extra bed pillows for some color pop (made from vintage sheets or cloth napkins, perhaps?)  
- repaint the dressers? both of ours are in rough shape
- something interesting done with or on the slanted walls...Brian wants to hang candle chandelier type things
- new art/photos or some other interesting things to hang on the spaces on either side of next our bed
- a headboard? kind of hard with the air conditioner where it is, but it would be nice

Lots of ideas, but for now, we are basking in the new simplicity of the upstairs  room...and trying to keep the laundry monster at bay!

Stay tuned for the final reveal...


  1. that looks AMAZING!!!! ugh maybe i should have you come do our house ;)

    1. you know I'd love to help decorate your house!!

  2. I love how you describe your house and decorating sensibility, so true about everything feeling like it's just always been there (even two days after you've moved in!). But I'm glad you're actually redecorating your bedroom, since you didn't love it. Can't wait to see what you end up with!

  3. I recently saw a darling headboard made from a shipping-pallet in "Vintage Style" magazine (Autumn 2012 issue) So cute, so inexpensive and so "green". A great way to freshen up and not break the bank. I enjoy your blog, Sara.

    1. Oooh, I like that idea! I'll have to look it up. It's just so awkward with the air conditioner! Thanks for reading and nice to "meet" you!