Thursday, July 5, 2012

full fourth

An early morning "cuddle puddle", just us three; pack up the car and drive to Manchester-by-the-Sea for a small-town parade the family has never missed; then a big ol' cookout at my parents, the works..
..after a most-delicious-classic-fourth lunch, the McKenna kids (and husbands/boyfriends/fiances, of course) change into sneakers and play clothes and help host a block party with our church in the Point neighborhood in Salem (what was hoped to be a fun alternative to the choas that ensued on this day last year)
we finish our shift and the family parades back downtown for dinner at the Gulu-Gulu; then back to the Kettle, and tired Levi falls asleep for a bit on the couch; we hear that fireworks are starting early (thunderstorms are coming!), so we run power-walk down to the wharf (after I make the world's quickest bokeh filter!..more on that later), sleepy little boy is enamored with the lights and sounds, and somewhat guilty mama is thankful she decided to let her sleep deprived boy stay up to watch; only 10 minutes left of fireworks and it downpours, we hide under blankets watching the finale and listening to a seemingly quick rendition of "Stars and Stripes"; and we run home in a mob, tired, sopping wet but very happy...

America's birthday well spent! 

I think some longs naps and a trip to the beach are in order for today... 

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