Monday, July 2, 2012

eternal summer

There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.  
~C. Thaxter


- summer speed
- spontaneous sister lunch
- perfectly temperate June nights
- a couple days up north with Mom and Dad James, a rustic inn, yummy meals, ice cream, early morning swims, the "farm-zoo"
- leftover church flowers filling the kettle
- new babies
- Brian wisdom
- dancing, waving, clapping, laughing, hugging, kissing Levi
- the Lally Clan gathering; visiting with the extended James family and meeting lots of extended family members, Levi with Brian's great Uncle Tom
- a "missing you" text
- late night revelations
- a church picnic at the willows
- an afternoon at the wildlife sanctuary, long quiet trails, river board walks, friendly little chipmunks, beautiful birds...some feeding right from our hands...


  1. Kerrie - in that top left pic, it looks like Levi is also making a little bird perch, just like his Papa! :) Happy Birthday, Bri!