Wednesday, July 11, 2012

a very awesome (and very pink) yard sale find

While out on a walk this weekend, I spotted a neighborhood yard sale and I was immediately drawn to an awesome old-fashioned telephone chair...not only because it was very PINK (although that definitely helped), but the design was really original and appealing. I immediately started imagining where I could put it and what sorts of lovely vignettes I'd put on that little table. 

I was even more convinced of my need of it when I heard "ten bucks and it's yours!". Um, SOLD! (Where was Brian when I picked up this bright pink piece of furniture, you might ask? Oh, he was there. Brian used to question my odd trash picks/yard sale purchases but now he claims that he just trusts me. What a guy...did I marry the right man, or WHAT. And he might even love this thing more than I do. Don't tell him I told you that.) 

Now, at first I didn't know if I loved the pinkness of the pink, but it's already growing on me. Even in the sea of red in my living room, it holds its own.  I may very well repaint it, but for now I'm kind of loving it's quirkiness. 

What do you think? Keep the pink? Destroy it NOW?

(Ariel, I'm afraid I didn't have the guts to tell you about this in person...haha)


  1. I'm usually pretty anti-pink, but this thing is incredible! What a graceful, yet dignified shape, it has. I don't know how you find all of these things!