Monday, March 4, 2013

giving thanks

Giving thanks, for - 

- March! and little bits of green spotted
- early morning cleaning/organizing energy
- great thrift store finds
- bakery walk and running into Big C
- Brian (and mini-him) trying to make Elsie laugh
- warm pumpkin bread
- Levi and Papa at the park and a little alone time
- my favorite art/music lesson with the high school art class
- an unexpected "thank you for smiling at me" comment from a stranger
- warm enough for more walks
- nursery duty with some of my favorites
- a movie date, Mom and Dad babysitting
- when Brian writes down his own funny quote 'cause he knows I will want to save it
- Levi's squirrel, train and truck excitement; his quiet little songs, his after-prayer ritual
- fresh flowers in the kitchen