Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Outside my window...a rather gloomy cozy day (cup half full!).. a great day for tea, blankets and lots of read alouds.

I am hearing...the "lion" winds of March, whipping against the kettle

I am thankful... for these early morning moments for quiet thinking, writing, praying before my little awakes 

Around the house...lots of folding to be done (always), some new open-ended, natural and creative toys and spaces for Levi in the waldorf tradition (more on this later)

In the kitchen...not a lot - grocery shopping is on the docket today.

I am wearing...pjs and a pile of blankets. 

I am creating... another Manchester-by-the-Sea painting for my Nana (aka my #1 customer).  I'm honored that she is outfitting all of her sisters, cousins and friends in my pendants.

I am make the most of no-work-wednesday; a slow morning, a few errands, story and craft time at the PEM, a long afternoon nap, our creative arts group tonight and perhaps a little painting, if I'm lucky.

I am wondering... how it happens that one day you wake up and your baby seems to have become a boy. So many new words, his desire to be carried has been largely been replaced with a stronger desire to walk run, chubby babyness has stretched into a long and lanky boy body. (cue stereotypical "where does time go?" mother sigh).

I am reading...still James, still For the Beauty of the Church, still Teach Like a Champion, lots of nursery rhymes and "Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site" over and over and over again.

I am hoping (and praying)... for continued health and healing for my Dad, wisdom and strength for many friends, for the ability to stay focused and do everything that I love and need to do, well and for God's glory.

I am looking forward to...ArtSpeak: RESTORE!,

I am pondering... these beautiful Lenten art pieces/devotionals (

A few plans for the rest of the week...
- an attempt to capture another "day in our lives" tomorrow (note to self: recharge camera battery)
- crocheting a rug/play mat out of fabric scraps
- a special secret Easter project for my sisters
- apply to a couple of Art Festivals for the summer
- a Moroccan Shabbat Dinner at church
- grade high school paintings
- host an old friend for the weekend

Have a lovely (and cozy) day, friends!