Tuesday, September 11, 2012

to remember

Dear Levi,

There are many, many things that I want to remember about 13 month old you. 

Like the way you tell us exactly which songs you want to sing by doing the hand motions, and how you dramatically lip sync to "Old McDonald. Like the way you insist on eating every meal with a fork like a grown-up and how diligent you are even though it's hard. Like the way you walk with your arms outstreched like a little zombie baby and the way you wave to every person, car and dog that you pass. Like the way you sit in your car seat and happily "read" your books all the way to work and back. Like the way you gently touch my face and hair when you nurse and the way you try to climb in the tub with all your clothes on because you're just so excited for your bath.  The way you woof back at dogs and can spot an airplane before anyone else can. They way you see kids a mile away and the way you smile and wave and try to get their attention.  Like the way you hug your friends when you see them. Like the way you have conversations and answer questions with the right intonation, but with your own made up words and they way you "wink" at us. Like the way you think it's funny to talk like a robot and make a fishy face. Like the way you sigh loud and long when you hug me or your daddy (and a few other lucky people). Like the way you pat people's back or touch your forehead to theirs to let them you know you really like them and the way you always insist on sharing your food with everyone. Like the way you can't decide who to cuddle with and so you go back and forth rapidly between your parents with reckless abandon.

I'll always remember these things (no matter how old, tall and hairy you get..cause apparently that happens).

I'll always be,
your Mama

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