Monday, September 24, 2012


Praise God from whom all blessings flow...

- crisp days
calls from Kimmie
- knitting weather
- our playground friends
- lots of gifts to find and make
- feeling in the groove as a teacher, enthusiastic and diligent students
- folk music night with the Bornes, creative arts plans
- pumpkin coffee, almost every day
- an afternoon "reset" nap
- "For the Beauty of the Church" seminar, hanging out with and being inspired by some amazing christian artists
- fleece blankets
- an apple orchard picnic
- Levi and Tim dancing
- finishing an overwhelming weekend to-do list
- real "how are you?"s
- an "eat up" at Mary Grace's, hands held and songs sung
- baby showers, birthday parties, get togethers galore
- seeing lots of old friends
- pastor John's challenge to love extravagantly and Christ example of just that
- grandparents who love to babysit, a couple of lovely autumn dates with  my love

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