Monday, September 3, 2012

come back

(lyrics from "Tear Down the Walls")


- encouragements and prayers and thoughts from friends and blog readers (Thank you!!)
- barriers breaking
- violet bouquets
- a smooth transition from old tenant to new tenant
- dinner and a chick-flick with the girls, while the boys bachelor-partied 
- a new sculpture, a precious gift, perhaps a relationship begun
- Katie and Matt's new house; cute, beautiful and finally done! And furniture shopping with Katie
- a full church, strong voices, powerful sermon, many children, prayer of sending, the communion of the saints
- Saturday morning coffee date with the Englers
- Levi's love; loud, unbounded, overflowing
- quiet mid day with napping boys
- classrooms sufficiently nested, lessons ready
- seeing a good, old friend
- an outdoor dinner with Mom and Dad James, Levi's funny antics
- a long weekend to rest up before the craziness begins
- a proud and bona fide walker

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