Wednesday, September 26, 2012

breakfast, lunch and dinner

(ok, not breakfast)

..because I (along with all of the other art teachers and art lovers in blogland) have been stocking up on cans of Campbell's limited edition "Andy Warhol" tomato soup. I bought one of each color scheme for myself as well as a set for each of my art rooms. My always-good-sport husband and I have cleaned and emptied our first 4 "pop art" cans...only 8 more cans to go! 

Since I'm going to use these as art material containers, I was thinking of painting a coat of mod podge on the paper labels for a little more protection and I also might add a layer of cork to the inside (a la this tutorial) to keep little fingers from getting cut on the sharp inside edge. 

At 79 cents a pop, they're an awfully fun and cheap way to store and display pencils, crayons, brushes, rulers..whatever! And my personal set has already earned a special place in the Sea Kettle, but more on that tomorrow (hopefully).
(I actually had a hard time finding stores that still have these in stock, so if you get as excited as I do for "pop art" soup cans, you'd better get a move on! As far as I know they are only sold at Target.)

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