Thursday, September 20, 2012

a fall favorite

Looking for beautiful, simple way to usher in autumn?  

Last week I was on the hunt for some hardy window box flowers when I spotted these beautiful Japanese Lanterns hanging in a barn at a local farm (in fact, they just gave them to me!..and now have my business for life). 

These deep orange beauties are such cheerful additions to the kettle and I got so darned excited, I went back to get a bunch more for the front of the sanctuary at church, too. I heard so many comments about them on Sunday morning and overheard lots of incredulous "what ARE those beautiful things?!

(For you lucky locals, Rosehip Farm in Beverly is selling a bunch for $5. And they are dried so they should last forever...or until your baby crushes them all.)


  1. They're beautiful! But what did you end up with for the window boxes? We just got some and have no idea what to put in them!