Thursday, September 27, 2012

a wee art studio

Last week I stumbled upon yet another great trash pick here in the neighborhood. This perfectly Levi-sized wooden table was on the side of the road, so I brought it home and went to work creating a little work table/art studio for Levi. Everything else (other than the soup cans) I already had lying around, so this was an almost-free project.  

Levi loves his new set-up and I've been pleasantly surprised at how long he will sit at his table coloring (granted, he also enjoys climbing on it! working on that...). I love that it's in the kitchen, the hub of our home, and also where Brian and I tend to work and create. 
1. Small wooden table, found on the side of the road
2. Little wooden stool, bought unfinished a few years ago from A.C. Moore, stained and polyurethaned
3. Andy Warhol soup cans filled with art materials, Target
4. Cookbook stand that we got as a wedding gift (never used for that purpose), now a perfect paper and paint holder
5. "Oh what a beautiful day" embroidery, found in my old church's free "Stop and Swap" room
6. Rwandan animal mobile brought back as a gift for Levi from Auntie Kimmie
7. Really hard to see...but two little Polish painted birds, picked up when Brian and I worked in the very Polish, Hamtramck, Michigan. 
and my cheerful little artist at work!

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  1. This is so amazing! The table itself is beautiful. I can't believe you always find these wonderful things, but I suspect it's your artist's eye at work, spotting the potential treasures amidst the trash. And I love everything you've added to make this a special space for Levi. So wonderful to see him at work, and I kind of love that he's a little adventurer who wants to climb up there too :)