Wednesday, September 19, 2012

carpe diem

Levi and I have been trying to make the most of these brisk and sunny September mornings that we have together on our days off. I wish you could see his face light up when he sees the Atlantic and the big open spaces of the wharf or the commons. I swear he would happily walk, climb and explore those grounds for as long as I'd let him. 

I shouldn't get ahead of myself, but I can't help but get nervous about winter setting in. We spend so much of our time walking, picnicking, play-grounding and enjoying all that our neighborhood has to offer and I just can't imagine us being cooped up inside all winter long. Sorry, the play-place at the mall just isn't going to cut it. This kid definitely longs for the outdoors so this extremely cold-sensitive Mama might need to toughen up a bit (yeah, I highly doubt I will spending as much time here, for instance!)

Sooo...anyone know where I can get baby-sized snowshoes? And lots of mama-sized long underwear? :P

My, how did this post take such a turn? It's not winter. It's not even October. "Seize the day!", I must tell myself... 

Seize. the. day.

(and it's not really that hard, with this little guy around)

(recognize the sweater? It feels like just yesterday I was knitting it over my belly and dreaming of the little person who would someday wear it...and now it barely fits the much-anticipated little person anymore!)


  1. When the girls were little, I made VERY regular use of library museum passes (to save $) and spent many winter days at Boston Children's Museum and Mus. of Science, Acton Discovery Museum, NE Aquarium, art museums... ah those were the days..

  2. My boys love of the outdoors has forced me to go outside lots more than I ever had before. They seem totally indifferent to the temperatures,too.