Wednesday, April 10, 2013

to remember - 20 months

Dear Levi,

There is so much I want to remember about 20 month old you.

Like the way you wake up so very happy each morning, giggling and "racing" back in forth in your crib.  Like the way you hug me tight and lightly rub my cheek when I remind you to be gentle. Like the way you have started saying sentences, constantly asking "What's this?" and "Where's _____ (usually kitty)?". Like the way you surprised us by climbing all the way up the big kids' jungle gym. The way you shimmy along the balance beam and run with delight all over Salem Common.  Like how you remind us to pray before we eat if we ever forget, bowing your head, grabbing our hands and trying to repeat your Papa's prayers. The way you hug-jump on us during our morning snuggle, the way you love your matchbox cars and happily drive them all around the house.  Like the way you always say "sorry, mama" if you've lost your temper. The way you beg for books and can now supply many words in your favorites and how you can almost count to 10, say some of your ABCs and sing Do-re-mi...Like the way you all the sudden seem to finally have a head of hair and the way you'll eat almost anything and take great joy in dipping your food in any sort of condiment or sauce. How you talk to Papa on the phone on his way home, pointing to things (trucks, trains, kitty) and telling him all about them. Like the way you enthusiastically show those you love that you love them with your sweet smiles, fast waves and big hugs; like your excited "hello's!" and sweet sing-songy "ba-bye's!"

You really are pure joy, my boy. We just love everything about you.


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