Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter wear

I'm a big fan of matching *something* on Easter. Growing up, most years my Mom either sewed us matching Easter outfits or better yet had us sew our own matching outfits.  My sisters and I picked up on this tradition again a few years ago and we try to do a little something each year (along with others, depending on the year). Here's a short retrospective - and not exhaustive by any means!
This year, I decided to make the gals a matching accessory, since I wanted Brian, Levi and I to match too (we all wore green). Using inspiration from this tutorial for fabric rosette necklaces, I gathered some left over cotton gauze, ribbon and felt and whipped 5 of them up in an afternoon. I made one for myself, my Mom, sister-in-law and for each of my sisters (Kimmie, I have yours saved for when you get home..we'll all wear them again this summer!). I love how they came out and my large and ever-growing stash of fabric scraps is just begging for me to make more. A rosette necklace to match every outfit? yes, please!

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  1. So pretty! My favorite photo of you all is the blue flowered jumpsuit one... classic :)