Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Monday Thanks

Thankful this Easter monday, for-

our risen Lord; new life, restoration, victory 
- a successful work event and lots of interest in my classes for next year
- an unexpected date morning; a Cadbury Egg Latte, a long walk in our old haunts
- Levi singing and relishing our names ("paappy, paapppy, papppy! mama, mama, maaaama!) 
- remembering
- Holy week; Maundy Thursday get-together in Sea Kettle, a reflective tenebrae service, a fun, worshipful and celebratory Easter.
- energetic worship, baby animals, pancake breakfast, my Dad's testimony to his own recent "resurrection"
- oodles of origami
- picking and arranging Easter flowers
- Levi's post nap snuggle with his Grampy
- lunch with the McKennas, dinner with the Jameses - lots of family time and sweet Easter gifts
- the sun and the slow warming


  1. I didn't realize that was a real bunny until I read your above post! What a precious photo!

  2. oh YES! Real, live, baby bunnies! It was beyond cute. :) Hope you guys had a great Easter!

  3. This is such a sweet picture. :)