Thursday, April 11, 2013

old shirts, new hats

My boy is finally getting some hair, but oh-so-slowly and he still needs a little something on his head on these cooler spring days. I've quickly realized that there are light knit hats galore for newborns, but not so much for toddlers.
I knew I wanted a hat made from soft and thin material so I figured I could just make my own with some old shirts. We always have a bag of "outgoing" clothes, so I dug through and found a shirt of mine and a shirt of Brian's to use for fabric. 
After looking around for some tutorials, I settled on one that seemed nice and simple(see here). I must admit that I didn't follow it to a "t" (mostly because I'm often too impatient to read directions) but it certainly served as my inspiration. It's is a simple concept and it's fun experimenting with different shapes and styles. I especially love the ones with the two little ties on top. I hand-sewed two hats during my ladies bible study, so needless to say, they're also super quick.

(have more clothes to up-cycle? Try "Papa Pants"!)

Levi's most favorite thing right now is riding the bicycle he got from his Nana and Grandpa for his birthday. He rides around the house, patio and driveway smiling and exclaiming "my bicycle! my bicycle! my bicycle!". He still needs a little help with the pedaling, but there's no doubt he'll be a pro by the end of summer. Brian often takes him down to the Salem common, which is where his Dad taught him to ride a bike, too. I love that.

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