Tuesday, April 30, 2013

in the gardens with my boy

On Friday (my day off), I woke up knowing that if I stayed home I would be swallowed up whole by what I could and/or should be doing.  I needed to get out to an airy place where nagging laundry piles, dishes, lesson plan binders, powerpoints and email inboxes were far, far away.  Before I could think twice, I packed us up and whisked Levi away for a date; just the two of us and the great outdoors.  After stopping for a scone (no, I couldn't even risk staying home for breakfast), we drove to my favorite local destination. 

The Long Hill Estate holds many special memories for me; early dates with Brian, getting lost on woodland trails, birthday picnics, many leisurely walks, our wedding photos, Levi's very first outdoor outing; now a precious morning date with my son, running happily through trails and lawns, smelling flowers, listening to birds, climbing, exploring, gathering rocks and dandelions. Our slow and open-aired morning was just the thing we needed. 

(Public service announcement: If you've never been, your missing out on the best the North Shore has to offer! Bring a picnic, your camera and good walking/hiking shoes. It's free and I rarely see anyone else there! Long Hill, Beverly)

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