Tuesday, April 23, 2013

operation sleepover

Well, it seems we all survived Levi's first sleepover, in fact everyone involved seemed to enjoy it immensely. My parents said he was a perfect angel and didn't shed a tear. I may have *almost* shed a tear, but I held myself back and pretty soon I was sufficiently distracted by my giddy husband. He kept saying "we're like bachelors and bachelorettes!" Um, not quite buddy.
Our "wild" night consisted of walking around town, getting dinner and dessert, laughing, laughing and more laughing, almost doing something crazy and of course, scaring a group of tourists huddled together in a dark alley on a ghost tour (the best part). Even though we walk these streets everyday, it felt very special walking them together at night for the first time in almost two years. Oh and we stayed in bed until like 10 AM. CRAAAAZYTOWN. We could get used to this. 

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