Friday, October 12, 2012

update and a photo-walk

First things first. Dad update. He went to the hospital yesterday, but was exhibiting some cold symptoms so they sent him home.  So, the surgery has been postponed and we're not sure of the new date. He calls the doctor on Monday to check in and reschedule. Thank you for all of the prayers (and emails, and phone calls and EVERYTHING) means so much, so very much.

On a much more fun and much less serious note... my new/old camera came in the mail yesterday! Even though it's the same model as my broken one (Nikon D40), it's newer and seems like it has barely been used. It really feels like a brand new camera, which is kinda fun.

Levi and I immediately decided to take her for a spin around the block(s). Here's a little glimpse of beautiful Salem in October (minus all the scary kitsch, 'cuz I decided to leave those lovely photos for the tourists). 

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