Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Outside my window...windy and wet remnants of Sandy, emptied trees and piles of fallen leaves.

I am thankful...for a safe and restful "Hurricane Day" nestled in the Kettle playing, reading, watching a fascinating documentary, cooking and eating with Brian, Levi and Uncle Chris. No damage and no power loss. Yes, thankful.

I am thinking...that Levi and I are going to need to leave the house today. Hmmm..coffee shop? Library? a visit to Grampy's?

In the kitchen...been on a bit of a cooking-kick..if you can believe that. Recent culinary delights; Crock pot Chili, Quinoa Salad, Lattice-Top Chicken.

I am wearing...probably unflattering but totally comfy, hurricane day #2 clothes

I am creating...sketches for album/branding artwork for a new hip-hop recording artist (surprising, I know)

I am going...tplay, read and make forts with Levi and catch up on grading art projects during nap time.

I am reading... more poetry by James Weldon Johnson, after reading this

I am hoping (and praying)... that Dad's recovery continues to go well, that the cancer was completely removed, that he would be completely healed. 

I am looking forward to...dressing up with my family and going to a halloween party tonight at the Ranges.

I am hearing...the wind dying down, Levi's quiet hums and darling funny little words.

Around the house... a happy, been-in-the-house-for-48-hours-straight, mess.

I am pondering... the art and ideas of  "Gerhart Richter Painting"

A few plans for the rest of the week...

-rake leaves (ok, I might leave this for the man of the kettle)
-some family Halloween visits with the babe
-plan new elementary art lessons
-start some Christmas projects
-Girl's Night Out with the lovely ladies of highrock
-go to a friend's birthday gathering and photograph a 1st birthday party
-start a painting

Hope everyone else is doing ok 
and weathered the storm in safety!

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