Monday, October 22, 2012

quiet and poised

Gratitude is a shield against fear and self-absorption. It makes the heart quiet and poised to listen.
-S. McCracken

Much to be thankful for this week...

- chili, cornbread and apple crisp with friends, Levi and his cousin laughing, playing and kissing..and the new cousin on the way.
- family dinner at the McKennas, Levi's very long and very awesome dance session
- those classes when everything just works just right, the lesson goes better than planned, kids make connections and create beautiful art.
- new words ("please" "bird" "bear" "food")
- friday night; 5:30 and in our PJs, eating pumpkin pancakes and bacon
- a donated drying rack
- family photo shoot with good friends
- Evan and Levi's "band"
- a saturday morning, just me; a pumpkin latte, time to put up the kids' artwork at school, the Tappet brothers laughing in the background, a trip to the art store and a clean, new sketchbook
- for a seemingly successful surgery for my Dad (though different than planned),  a better-than-expected-recovery,  getting to visit and lots of willing babysitters for Levi,  his "patience in affliction", a beautiful hospital view (the whole city of Boston from the 19th floor!), and an early release from the hospital.
- lots of kind prayers, hugs, emails, texts, phone calls (especially my special hug delivery in class from a sweet friend through her very sweet daughter..)
- good words about the sabbath, singing my husband's songs in church, multitudes of candles, a surprise gift with a beautiful teapot inside
- our refuge, our strength, our ever-present help in trouble


  1. Such good news about your Dad xx. Have been keeping everything crossed xx

  2. I'm glad your dad is doing well, Kerrie. We're still praying. It was so great seeing you and the gang. When you get a chance, I'd love to see some of the photos of Levi and Caroline :).

    1. Thanks Brenna. Sooo good to see you guys as well!