Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Art Room Diaries: beginnings

(Edited for grammar and clarity. That's what you get for writing a post during the Presidential debate!)

The beginning of the school year is always busy but this year feels more so than usual. I've been teaching a lot of new projects, which is exciting, but also means significantly more planning and prep. The time I might spend painting, crafting or knitting has been temporarily overtaken by working through these new lessons and creating examples to inspire. So far, it's been totally worth the extra effort; a month and a half into the school year and beautiful and meaningful art pieces are slowly but surely filling the art room!

Here's a little glimpse of some of the creative challenges we've been working on of late..
(Left to right: movable dragons inspired by Smaug in "The Hobbit,  fantasy environment dioramas, ink and watercolor medieval castles, hybrid creature collages, wild things inspired by Maurice Sendak)

(Left to right: modified contour drawings, self portrait silhouettes, 1 point perspective drawings)

(Altered book pages inspired by specific elements and principles of design, Trompe L'oeil observational drawings)

(P.S. Dad's cold seems better and his lung surgery reschedule was rescheduled for today at Mass General in Boston. Lord willing, he will be in for surgery around 1:00. Thanks for your prayers!)

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  1. Praying for your dad and dreaming my children could participate in your art classes!