Wednesday, October 3, 2012

To my Sleepless Bride

We are wed in sleeplessness,
It is our "poorer," our "sickness,"
While "richer" and "health"
Last thirty minutes.

But this is still, indeed, a wedding,
Albiet uneven, some vow-words
Scrawled large, others in tiny print,
Others with invisible ink.

The heaviest words take form,
Alphabetic anvils bear down
On our gentle frames; we toughen.
Make us gentle again, O Lord.

Wing in the flocks of little words
The ornaments of love, unweighed
The feathered promises, so light
You need not ask us to obey.

-B. James

(words found in my inbox after a night of little sleep, an ever crying baby, anger and misunderstandings...and then I sat with tears in my eyes because of how he loves me.)

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  1. And now I sit here with tears in my eyes. Love you guys both!