Thursday, October 25, 2012

this and that

just a little bit of this and a little bit of that...

- Dad came home from Mass General on Sunday (which I thought was VERY early considering he had a whole lung removed!), but he seems to be recovering from the surgery quite well. I was worried that he'd get bored and stir-crazy being home all day recovering..but my fears were laid to rest when I called him yesterday to see if he wanted a visit from Levi and I and he was too busy with visitors, naps and small group for us to come over! A good problem to have, I guess. Thanks for the continual thoughts and prayers...

- the knitting needles are out again, just in time for some way-cute James family halloween costumes (can you even wait for the reveal?!)

- Every Levi-stage is my new favorite. 1 week? Awesome. 6 months was totally the best. No 8 months. No, definitely 1 year. 14 months? THE BEST. How long can this possibly go on? (3? 13?)

- speaking of the little dude, the other day I realized that I haven't used my alarm clock in 15 months.. for some reason that blew me away. 

- next week my high school art students are bringing in their independent projects that they've been working on since the beginning of the school year. From what I can tell, these will be the most interesting and varied independent projects I've had yet...a plaster mask, a sculpture made from pieces of an old boat and broken pots, 2 hand-sewn period colonial outfits, photo-realist ink and pencil portraits, a robot made from pieces of junk metal, and a life sized baby elephant made out of paper mache!? (just to name a few) I hope they look as good as they sound! We'll soon find out..

- Just starting thinking (in earnest) about Christmas projects. Lots of ideas...excited.

- I have a word doc on my computer called "The James Family Quote Book" really should just be called the "Brian Only Quote Book". It is here where I document the constant hilarity that comes from my husband's mouth. They may only be funny to me, but here are a few recent goodies for your (possible)enjoyment:

"I've had to stop signing my emails with "sincerely" since I started including one cheeky statement in every email."

After paint balling: "I don't think I hit anyone. Kerrie, if I went to war, not a day would I last. I'm a terrible warrior." 

"You know what I'm gonna invent? I'm gonna invent a tall man's dresser.  No bottom drawers, they start 3 feet up. I'll call it ManDress." (mandress?! what?)


  1. Re: Alarm Clock: I had the same thought a few weeks ago, when, by some fluke, Ethan slept until 9:05 and we were expecting the babysitter at 9:30... I was still running around without my contacts in and brushed hair when she arrived and felt so strange!

    Although the earliest months I didn't enjoy as much, for the last nine or ten months I have loved Ethan's delightful little presence everyday too! 16 months is a favorite too!

    1. haha, 9:05! that's amazing. Can't wait for that day...and don't they sleep until like noon when they are teenagers? awesome.

      Totally looking forward to 16 :) He's communicating so much more now, which is awfully fun.

  2. 1 is great but I think the BEST is when they're 27. They start opening restaurants and stuff. It's SO cute.

    1. haha! so true! That's much to look forward to!