Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yet another fairy tale - The Tale of Two Cuddle Sacks

ONCE upon a time, there was a teeny tiny baby whose mother knit him a teeny tiny cuddle sack.  The baby loved nothing more than sleeping and cuddling in the little satchel his mother made him. And it fit, just right.
But soon that teeny tiny baby wasn't so teeny tiny anymore.  His warm little sack barely covered him past his tummy! The baby's mother knew that wouldn't do, but she also knew that the little (bigger) baby still needed to be warm and cuddled all winter long. 
So the Mother did what she knew she must. She quickly went to work choosing the softest of yarns and knitting the cuddliest of cuddle sacks for her growing baby boy.
So, the little (bigger) baby snuggled happily into his new cuddle sack, stretching and squirming, making sure it fit just right. And it did. He nuzzled in and fell into a sweet and happy sleep, knowing that his Mama would always make sure that he was properly warm and cuddled...


(at least until he grows another few inches...)

(pattern linked here


  1. I love the concerned look on his face in the too small cuddle sack. He knows something's not right :)

  2. His yawns and stretches are so adorable!! Love him... and his mother :)

  3. Love this...his face in the 2nd picture is a riot!!

  4. wow I haven't been to your blog in a while & it's been so much fun to catch up!! Your baby is precious and I LOVE the cuddle sack!!!

  5. What a funny boy and a good mama!