Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Annie Stec!

I am certainly no fashion blogger, but I thought my recent good luck deserved a shout-out. You must know that if I'm ever in what would be considered a "fashionable" outfit, it is usually by accident!

My friend and fellow blogger, Annie (in fact, we almost started a church together in Detroit!...long story), hosted a giveaway on her blog recently. I ended up winning the $100 gift certificate to her shop where she sells her own handmade designs. Cha-ching!

It took me a while to choose (everything is gorgeous), but I ended up going with a denim embellished skirt, a striped jersey skirt and a little black and white tote bag. The clothes are beautiful and they fit perfectly (yes, I chose two elastic waisted skirts; the baby weight is almost off, but not quite!). I look forward to using the bag when I'm no longer carrying around a diaper bag everywhere!

I love that they everything is an original design and handmade. Simple and beautiful; definitely items that I'll wear a lot.

Special thanks to my photographer - 
the good-sport and good-at-everything, Brian James. 

There you have it - 
probably the only "fashion" post you'll ever get out of me. 

Thank you, Annie Stec, for getting me out of those yoga pants and into some much more flattering attire!

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  1. That's so fun, Kerrie! Those are beautiful clothes. Also, I think you look stylish most of the time :)