Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advent Preparations

How is it already advent??! This year it crept upon me like none other. I just realized that I never even delved into about my box of autumn decorations and my November thankful notebook. I think the extent of autumn decor at our house consisted of two mini pumpkins. Lame. I'm afraid that a little person may have done a number on my brain. Not complaining...

Anyways, good thing a kind representative from some sort of church committee sent me a reminder about my duty to decorate the church.  I quickly went to work luring my posse with promises of coffee, donuts, Amy Grant Christmas albums and sweet baby cuddles. I'm so thankful for my willing family and friends who don't mind spending Black Friday "floofing" ribbons, hanging wreathes and placing candles!
Phil, being productive and decorating Brian....
That may or may not be my son in a pink fleece covered in hearts...(only warm baby thing Grammy could find, it was a bit chilly in there!)
Nana (or Great-Nana?) with her boy
then there's that..


  1. I love that you decorate the church every year! It always feels so festive!

  2. Brian looks exactly like Jim Carey in that picture

  3. What a good team you have!

    That photo of Brian reminds me of silly baby Brian from some classic James videos. That's definitely the same kid who pretended to read with such confidence.

  4. @Caroline: yes, it's a really nice way of welcoming the season!
    @Kimmie and Rachel: you both are totally right!