Wednesday, November 23, 2011

These days I'm...

- putting away warm weather clothes (still holding on to my beloved flip flops, though. crazy.)
- digging out the sweaters, hats and mittens
- watching Levi scootch and writhe, wanting so much to move, move, move!
- knitting my husband a scarf..
- ..learning that it takes infinitely longer to knit things when your hands are always full
- planning surprises
- making lists
- being thankful for a husband who sacrificially loves his family every day
- drowning in laundry...
- ..learning not to mind
- enjoying art explorations with awesome kids
- watching the leaves fall
- wondering why I decided to make this for Christmas (it's only $20 at Target...but it's not as special, right? right??!)
- trying not to be such an "elder brother"
- listening to the baby talk and sing and make "raspberries"
- buttoning my old jeans (yes!)
- coming to terms with the fact that my house probably won't be clean in the near future (or possibly 18 years)
- enjoying life as a family of 3 more every day
- giving thanks, for all

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