Thursday, November 17, 2011

Art Room Diaries - Linoleum Block Prints

In Middle School art we just finished a printmaking lesson using linoleum blocks. I brought in a bunch of pictures from Brian's beloved National Geographics (thank you, honey) and they chose an animal to sketch and then carve into linoleum.  Even though it can be tough to get the hang of the carving techniques, and despite only a couple bloody fingers, I think they did a fabulous job with these.  After we carved the linoleum blocks, they experimented with different types of papers and different colors of ink.  We framed our favorites!
our busy printmaking studio!
Kayleen's rabbit
Monica's polar bears
some prairie dogs by Josh
"An elephant looking up at a dead tree" - By Jack


  1. i love these Chooch :)

  2. my art teacher did some very unique prints. he water colored on paper and then a black ink print over it. I wish I could find a public image of it, cause I think you would like it.

  3. Linoleum block prints were one of my very favorite projects to experience as a child. The softness of the material we carved into was so wonderful to scratch and dig designs into...and then getting prints from those carvings...magical. Lovely you are sharing this with your students. They'll remember making linoleum prints with you one day too.