Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baby Things

..because all the mommy bloggers are doing it... 
(and I always found it helpful when they did!)
1. Cloud B Sound Machines - These are awesome. They look like cute little stuffed animals, but are actually sound machines with 5 different sounds, like ocean waves, rain etc. We were actually given two of these and we use both. The giraffe lives by his basinet in our room (so Mom and Dad can still talk or watch a movie) and the sheep comes with us to work on Mondays and Thursdays when he and his friend Evan need to nap at different times. It works perfectly for when one boy wants to play and one needs to sleep!

2. The Snap N' Go - Also awesome. It's basically just a stroller frame that you snap your car seat into. It's so lightweight, and really easy to fold up and down (one-handed, which is important!). When I need to go into the store for a minute, I just take his car seat and snap it right in. And it's great when he falls asleep, since I don't have to transfer him into a different stroller. It's also sturdy enough for long walks on the bumpy cobblestone and brick streets of Salem.

3. Infantino Vintage Twist Activity Gym - He plays on and with this every day. He loves looking at the animals and grabbing at the rings. I like the colors and the "vintage twist". It's one baby thing that doesn't offend my design sensibilities too drastically.

4. Eric Carle Elephant - He got this little guy from a student of mine and it is his favorite toy so far. It's great because there are so many elements to it and I can just stick it in the diaper bag and he'll be entertained all day.

5. Sandra Boynton Books - they're clever, they have great rhythm  and fun illustrations. Snuggle Puppy and Barnyard Dance are our favorites. 

6. Ring Sling - I got my sling from Raspberry Baby on Etsy. I loved the fabrics she used and her slings were much cheaper than the name brand versions. I've tried other wraps and baby carriers and Levi loves this the best, by far. I do too...because it's comfortable, but mostly because it's just so very pretty! And last Saturday I square-danced with him in, promenades, swings - he had a grand old time hanging out, twirling around with Mama. Probably the ultimate test in my book!

7. Bath Luv - Love this!  Levi is a boy who greatly enjoys baths and I think this little towel cover has a lot to do with it.  It's so cute and keeps him nice and warm. I like how, unlike a regular washcloth, it has "legs" that cover his legs as well as his torso(Thanks, Gail!).  

8. Natures Sway Baby Hammock - Where do I begin? Everyone needs a baby hammock. When he was more fussy as a newborn, this would calm him instantly. It bounces in the most calming of ways and he is usually asleep in seconds. We hang it in our living room from one of the beams, but it also comes off and attaches to a piece that you can put in any doorway with molding (you know, like those jumpy seats that you hang in doorways?) Anyways, we take this with us when he is babysat (or away for the weekends) and it's a perfect place for him to sleep or just "hang" out. This is definitely my favorite of the favorites! (although I do adore my sling...hmmm - tie.)

9. Sophie - Ok, so I don't think that he is using Sophie to her greatest potential quite yet (he's not teething or anything), but he has started loving to put things in his mouth and Sophie is his  "thing" of choice. And she's cute, too.

10. Bundle Me - Keeps my baby warm and cozy in the chilly weather, easy to use and clean. The first time I put Levi in it, he cuddled it up to his face and grinned. Now if that's not a good review, I don't know what is.

There you have it. Our list, so far. I'm sure it will change as time goes on, so maybe we'll have another edition in a few months when he is doing all sorts of other fun stuff like teething and eating and crawling...(ahhh!)

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