Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Ok, last valentine post, I promise!
Last week, I created this pillow as part of my valentine gift to Bri.  I found an old bandana in the scrap bin as well as some muslin I used for last year's Easter skirts and the batting I used for my vintage sheet quilts.  I embroidered the quote onto the muslin and used the bandana for the borders and back; I filled it with batting and voila!  Nothing fancy and didn't cost a thing...but very heartfelt and he seemed to like it. :)
(I couldn't help but take a couple shots of my stately sewing companion in his beautiful long winter coat...)


  1. That is beautiful and such a tangible testament to the love you share. What a awesome place for a child to be born.

  2. i seriously LOVE. i want one! i want to make one!

  3. What a kind compliment, Phyllis! Thank you!
    Kimmie, we can make one when you come home to me!