Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Well, I finally set up the new sewing machine.  I've been so busy with knitting, and ended up ignoring my new toy for far too long! 

Starting a sewing project can feel overwhelming to me and I needed something easy to get me going.  I decided to sew some spring-y bunting to cheer up the winter doldrums. 

There are SO many tutorials out there, so I won't bother giving you a step-by-step. Here's a great one. I have some fun ideas for the nursery based on this concept...I'll keep you updated. :)  


  1. Fantastic... cheerful!

    I love the tutorial link you shared... a while back I shared one on my blog (and it is beyond primary!):


  2. Hi Kerrie, I am one of the visitors! I remember seeing this in your kitchen, thought it was pretty cool, and my sister was wondering how to make them, so I will show her the link. By the way, coincidence, I just saw the link to Sandra McCkracken! I was listening to her moments ago (and still am, refreshing the page over and over again) as I was looking through the blog, I bought her two albums for my sister for her b-day, we are fans!!! I learned of her through "Indelible Grace" months ago! Thanks again for your kindness! looking forward to your new arrival! Mozel Tov!